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Just Follow Your Heart ! 「一番やりたいことをやる!」

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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #8


QT: While I was biking back home in the rain,
lots of CAR drivers looked at me...
But it's very fun riding in the rain.
/添削:it's ⇒ it was (it's: it is /or it has の場合のみ。it was は省略不可)

QT: I have gone to AN aquarium with my family.
It's very interesting!
私ならこう表現する :My family & I, It's ⇒ It was

QT: And just after I got home, the rain stopped. --;
/添削:just ⇒ right

QT: I like "少女時代" than "KARA."
I came to think their performance is beautiful.
/添削:than の前に要 better /or more beautiful。
Come to think of it,「考えてみると:慣用句」

QT: Tomorrow, I'll play futsal with my coworker(S) and master of "Bar NOI".
/添削:master ⇒ a barkeeper

QT: I want to buy the new computer.
I used MY present computer for 15 years.
/添削:the new ⇒ a new, /I've been using MY...for

QT: I'm watching A soccer game, Japan vs QUET,
on TV with Guinness BEER after playing futsal.
/添削:要 a, Kuwait

QT:It's MY coffee time! I want to make some sweets when I have time.
But I'd better not to.. B/c I want to lose some weight.

QT: maybe the tour of a kindergarten tmrw will be canceled cuz of rain,
tho i'm looking 4ward to it.
/添削 Probably the kindergarten trip

QT: I was tired a little today. So, I'm going to bed.
/添削:today ⇒ tonight
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■ 今朝着信のメールから。

3ヶ月前から、弊社の土曜日、プライベートTOEIC コース、


お世話になってます。■■ です。TOEICの結果がでました。
点数は・・・775点 (リスニング405点 リーディング370点)

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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #7

QT:Quotation 引用、私宛に「英語の添削」を求めていただいた方の本文に、
手を加えたものです。 PG: PowerGram

QT:Hi! Do you work at 'sushiya? '
Can you eat 'sushi' cooked in the shop for supper after your work was over?
/添削:Can⇒ Do, cooked不要。cookは、火を入れて調理するイメージ。
in⇒ at the shop(a sushi shop), after ...⇒ after work?

QT: I just ate lunch. Dry curry, Salad and Vegetable soup.
/添削:私ならこうする:ate(食べる、食う) ⇒had(いただく)

QT: Please watch your step!  RT I'll go out in the morning. 午前中出かける。
/添削:Please は不要です。不可。相手にとってプラスになる話は
常にPlease 無しの命令口調で処理しなければなりません。
ex. Keep the change. / Go straight and turn right.(道案内)

QT:I will take my son to a community center to play Japanese chess.
He became better at playing it! I might lose A MATCH to him
添削:a⇒ the, lose a match to~:~に(ゲームなどで)負ける

QT: it's rainy today. though i have a plan to go to Hello Work,
i have to go out in the rain. #twinglish #beat85
/添削:rainy⇒ raining,
Though⇒ Since(口語表現、文頭が基本)=Because

QT: though i was going to tweet "tgif" in this morning, i forgot.
/添削:in は不要。

QT: I'm vaguely tired. I'm ready for early sleep.
Good night &have a nice weekend. #beat85
/添削:私なら:vaguely文語的⇒a little 口語。
early sleep⇒ going to bed early

QT: I don't mean to flatter myself, I would say that I've done a good job.
Go out for dinner and a movie. #beat85
/& see a movie. 
映画を観る:see a movie / see the movies

QT: Just woke up. I had been making several new songs all the day yesterday.
/添削:theは不要です。all day:一日中 PG22/8/in the frame/at the bottom

QT: It was a little chilly this morning, too.
But it was hot in the train on my way home. #beat85
/添削:in⇒on, 電車の中で。中=in にはならない。on the bus/ the plane etc.
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #6

ご案内:#beat85 ?とは、あなたの英語ツィートに自信がなかったら、

QT: I've no idea if it's he or she. But it's very friendly, never afraid of ...
/♂か♀かわからないけど(猫?)、 キレイな英語ですが、
添削:例文の場合、 I've ⇒ I have。省略できません。
OKの例:I've got to go now.「もう行かなきゃ」/I've got a sister.「妹がいる」

QT: I planted Ashitaba from Hachijo-Island. I hear it's good for YOUR health.
/添削:I hear:「一般論として聞いている」「I heard: ある人から小耳に挟んだ」

QT: Can't stop coughing during the night. Just saw a doctor and had an X-ray.
I'll take some medicines n go to a work... #beat85
/添削:had⇒ took。医者に診てもらう:see 。

QT: It's raining heavily. I'm reading a Eng book n listening TO the sound of rain.
/大文字部分添削:私ならこうする:heavily⇒hard(口語的), a⇒an

QT: I hang the washing in my room because it's rainy outside.
So I can smell detergent in the room. #beat85
/添削済み:washing⇒laundries(洗濯物)。rainy⇒ raining

QT: The sudden pouring rain deterred me from keeping on a jog.
Today I run 7 km. #beat85
/添削:a jog⇒ jogging, run ⇒ran
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #5

QT: I can only have a long time to tweet at the evening on weekdays.
I wonder if I can take more time to.. #beat85
添削:at the evening on weekdays ⇒ on weekday evenings

QT: I'll listen TO the Superfly's new album again for MY bed time :))

QT: I went to the office with a short-sleeved shirt from today.
But it was not very hot this morning.
私なら:was not ⇒ wasn't(口語的), very ⇒ so(口語的)

QT: So I turned on a fan a little while ago. #twinglish
/添削:a fan ⇒ the fan, 代名詞の場合、turn it on の順序になる。

QT: I'll go to work tomorrow but I have still a runny nose. (-_-;) #beat85
【do前美女後の法則】PG47/top2 参照。
still の位置⇒ I still have a... still: 副詞

QT: You are lucky! I want to trip for Big apple. #beat85
/添削: ⇒I want to take a trip to Big Apple someday. 

QT: During MY lunch break, I WAS ASKED TO DO an errand to go to a convenience store. /添削済み: 私ならこうする: 大文字部分追加。
慣用句: to do an errand:「昼休みにお使いを頼まれた」
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #4

QT:Quotation 引用、私宛に「英語の添削」を求めていただいた方の本文に、
手を加えたものです。 PG: PowerGram


You can use any phrase like:

"I'm going to",
"I need to use",
"I'll go to",
"I have to go to" + "the restroom."   restroom = rest room でも良い

In US English, toilet = 便器, not 場所
so "I'm going to the toilet" is a bit unnatural and possibly a little rude.

私ならこうする:Let me go to the rest room.
Let me go to the bathroom.

There are only two things in life that is unchanging:
"Everyone hates getting old and everyone hates paying taxes."


QT: It was a little chilly this morning, too.
But it was hot in the train on my way home. #beat85
/添削:in ⇒ on,

QT: It was the 4th day to study for my work at MacDonald on my way home.
添削:⇒ McDonald's

QT:Oh, you are fortunate to have a good time every day.
Good night. I'm going to bed, too.
/添削:fortunate ⇒ lucky you can have

QT:Do you have anything which is autographed by a famous person?
/関係代名詞thatの制限用法。先行詞anythingは 、whichは 不可 PG37/1c/Basic

QT: I have just finished to have lunch. I will be busy in afternoon.
/添削 in ⇒ this
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