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Just Follow Your Heart ! 「一番やりたいことをやる!」

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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #22


QT: About to hit the gym!
/添削:⇒(It's) About time to hit the gym.  要 time です。

QT: MY Car navigation system IS broken.
So I can't use MY DVD and music player.
#beat85 大文字部分添削

QT: I had nine days off last week.
I'm very sleepy. I STILL don't FEEL LIKE working.
#beat85 大文字部分添削

QT: I STILL have dull felling in MY stomach because I ATE TOO MUCH FOR dinner yesterday. #twinglish #beat85 /添削しました。大文字部分。

QT: Time for lunch break now.
I ate curry and rice at cafeteria in work place.
It was so-so delicious.
#beat85 /添削⇒at our company cafeteria

QT:While I was relaxing on the sofa after dinner, I fell asleep.
I feel sorry...
#beat85 OKです 'on' a sofa 'in' an armchair.

QT: My sons went 2 see a... They'll come home in 2hours.
I can't wait TO EAT THE pizza I made until they come back.
#beat85 /添削:They'll ⇒They

QT: Weekly Student Times 活用法 was delivered today.
I wad really looking forward to read this.
#beat85 /添削:read⇒reading。to は、不定詞ではなく、ここは前置詞。

QT: This POPSICLE is also good.
Oops, I bought these ones while I'm running n walking. #beat85

QT: I don't know why, but most English music DON'T ATTRACT TO ME.
Perhaps because of the melody and the way of singing?
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #21


QT: A pleasant time is always going by so fast.
So we must try not to forget it.
/添削:Time flies when you are having fun. ←慣用表現です

QT: I joined an another English class.
I felt a little nerves before the class.
/添削:an不要。 nerves⇒nervous

QT: I am tired though I was not very busy.
It must be because today is the first day after the three-day OFF.
#beat85 ⇒I guess it was the

QT: Just watched the movie, You've Got.. on DVD.
I've watched it once long time ago, so I felt nostalgic.
/添削:I've⇒I watched PG19/2b

QT: Finished studying English.
The more I know, the more fun I study English.

QT: I have an appmt w/my hair dresser today.
I'm going to have my hair cut & dyeD.
My heart is singing♫
/添削:My ⇒I'm excited about it.

QT: I'm going to [have my hair cut and dye]. 〜してもらう。
/添削:[ ] 部は、第五文型:[S+V+O+C]。
cut は、過去分詞の形容詞、原形ではない。従って
/添削:dye ⇒ dyed or colored(過去分詞の形容詞) なら正解。
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #20


QT: I'm heading to Iwata City for jogging and walking by Tenryu River now.
/添削:walking by⇒walking along the

QT: Just got back. When the track meet finished,
my car's engine didn't work. So I called JAF.
/添削:car's⇒car wouldn't start
「今戻った。競技会が終わった後で、エンジンがかからなくてJAFを呼んだ」 will の用法。

QT: It was the battery ran down.
Then I went to Autobacs and changed it just in case. Phew!
/添削:⇒The battery was almost dead

QT: Just completed my 12.2 km run in 1:05:00.
It was my first TRIAL course, so IT WAS lots of fun.
carrying: 分詞構文、付帯状況。PG47/2/in the frame

QT:Something'S wrong w/ my iPod Touch.
I might not be able to tweet for a while.
I'm going to buy new one?
/添削⇒I might have to buy a

QT:@POWER Thank you for making me lots of correction.
I appreciate it.
#beat85 そうです。川の名前は定冠詞が必要です。湖は不要。
ex. Lake Biwa

QT: The first thing I do every morning is to make some coffee.
#beat85 OKです。
PowerGram PG43/1■ isの後の、to不要:normal/casual way。
toがあるのは、formal way(英式)、殆ど聞かない表現。

QT: I'm disappointed to here that a new hair salon will open soon
where my favorite cafe used to be.
/添削: ⇒ I'm sad to hear

QT: Thank you. I believe that English will broaden my world.
If I can't speak English, I can't talk to you like this.

QT: I'm often sleepy these days. Probably it's the result of autumn...
/添削:私ならこうする:it's... ⇒that's because the nice autumn weather.

bad connection i've gotta wait another half an hour.
it's gonna be a long day tmrw so i wanna go home.
i'm gonna play w/my iPad now.
うちに帰りたい。(時間があるので)iPad でしばらく遊ぶことにします。」
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #19

It's still a long way to go. Oh, no!!! 大変だ!

QT:Is it raining now? I was going to the studio by bike.
It's such a bother to go there by train.
/添削:It's such a bother⇒It's a lot of trouble...

QT: I GAVE my wife and daughters A RIDE to the beer hole.
They are drinking with my wife's coworker and their family.
「ビアホールまで妻と娘を車で送ってやった」 : give one a ride

QT: Went to my parents house. And had lunch with them.
I thought I'd better go there more often.
/添削:⇒parents', 私なら:I'd better ⇒ I should

QT: I took my father to the hospital, coz he had dizzy spellS.
The doctor told us "there's no need to worrY ABOUT."
/添削:he had⇒he has, told us⇒said

QT: we went to HAVE lunch at A restaurant THAT IS famous for ITS flesh vegetables. /添削:flesh⇒fresh, 大文字部分を追加訂正。

QT: Off to my kids' kindergarten for volunteer work now.
/添削:私ならこうする for ⇒ to do

QT: I'm renewing my car insurance on the web.
But MY computer doesn't work well and it annoys me a lot...
/添削:it 不要。
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #18


QT: I'm told to stand by at home until the typhoon will pass by.
/添削:I'm⇒I was, stand by at home⇒stay home, will pass ⇒ passes
until 節は、時を表す「副詞節」で「仮定法現在」。いつも「現在形」になる。
PowerGram 19/top/1/c 例文たくさん在り。

QT: On my way to our patient's house, the tree was lying down
because of the typhoon. 「両親のうちに向かう途中、台風の影響で、木が横たわっている」
/添削:the tree⇒ a tree

QT: The typhoon has gone away from.. & it seems the fall has come
suddenly here. It's a comfortable tonight.
/添削suddenly come:副詞の位置は、[do前美女後]:PG47/top,
tonight⇒ night

/I'd say "angry with." QT:Don't say "scold". Say "angry with".
「誰かに怒っている」という時は、「"angry with"」を使い、「"scold"」を使わないこと。
Ex"My boss was angry with me." 「私は上司に怒られた」

QT: THE typhoon has gone! It's A cool night.
/「the」「a」 の冠詞が必要です。添削しました。

QT:It's clear weather after a typhoon has passed.
I went to the BODY shop to repair my wife's car.
/添削:It's clear weather ⇒ The sky has cleared after...

QT: my wife HAD A hit-and-run accident YESTERDAY.
Repair cost is likely over 20 thousand yen.
添削:私ならこうする Repair cost is⇒ We had to pay ¥20000 to fix it.
注:英語では、「ひき逃げ事故」も「当て逃げ事故」も、a hit-and-run accident という。

QT: I can't stop sneezing, might catch a cold.
I think my condition always gets worse around my birthday.
/添削:私ならこうするmight catch⇒might have caught
現在完了形:完了「~しちゃった」 PG21/6c

QT: Since OUR garage roof has been blown off by the typhoon,
I asked a homebuilder to come & see it this morning.

But they don't come yet, maybe they are tied up with other
customers requests AS WELL.
/添削:don't⇒haven't come here


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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #17

QT: We'VE arrived at the Hotel.
I'll go to swimming pool in this hotel with my daughters.
/添削:swimming pool in...hotel... ⇒ the hotel swimming pool here...

QT: MY Daughters ARE ASLEEP now. They MUST BE very tired.
MY wife AND will HAVE A drink IN THE HOTEL lounge.
/大文字部分を追加訂正。  寝ちゃった⇒ 寝ている:ARE ASLEEP

QT: This park has eight different types OF roller-coasters.
These are very fun!
/添削:要 of, These are very fun. は、不可 ⇒These are a lot of fun.

QT: 6.16 km, 40:00 Just completed MY first running
WEARING the new shoes presented TO ME by my family.

QT: My son forgot 2 bring his onigiri w/him again.
He always takes it w/ his big obento n eats it before lunch.
/添削:bring⇒take, time不要。

RT : Let's go say hi. 「あいさつしに行きましょう。」go and sayの、andを省略している。
PowerGram ⇒PG3/2 例文参照。I'll go get it.

QT: Lunch time now!!
My legs are killing me because of the hiking yesterday.

The typhoon #12 night:
thank u for worrying about me. I had to stay over nite at a hotel
last night after all. My wife and I checked in around four o'clock. #beat85

QT: G'morning! I'm off TODAY on this week.
But it's BEEN rainING SINCE yesterday. I arrived at Tsukuba Circuit.
/添削:on 不要。
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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #16

QT: It was very busy today...but I'll BE running.
It might makes me refreshed.
/添削: It was⇒I was, It might makes⇒It might make(助動詞+原形)

QT: I DID grocery shopping.
When I was waiting in a line at casher, I realized I didn't bring my purse
with me.
/添削: in a line⇒in line, at casher⇒at THE cashIer

QT: I have a callback tomorrow. All I have to is to sleep well.
/添削: I'm expecting a phone call,
All I have to is to sleep well. ⇒ All I have to do is sleep well.

QT: I finished work & I'm home now. I'll go to bed after to drink beer.
/添削:work⇒working, to drink⇒drinking


QT: Oh, look at the time!Time to hit the road.
/類例:road の他、文字通り打つ以外の意味があります。
⇒sack, beach, shower, bottle, books, mallなど

QT: I usually have coffee few times a day in the morning,
after lunch and in the afternoon (when i take a break).
/添削:few⇒a few times

QT: How is the report coming along?「報告書ははかどってます?」
類例:⇒ How's your English coming along? 「最近、英語の調子はどう?」

QT: I was surprised because just had an earthquake on the job.
/添削:on the job⇒while I was working.

QT: A full moon on Sep 15th night remindS me OF my childhood's fantasy.
I always felt the moon was following behind ME.
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■ 英会話学習の心得 

#beat85 というハッシュタグを使って、400名以上の方々に英会話の



真似てください。 言葉は真似するしか方法はないのです。英語には英語
が決めればいい。」 #beat85 は、日常会話の口語米語をベースにして


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□ オゾン層の破壊が進んでいる。




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■ ツイッターから拾った使える英会話 #15

■ツイッターから拾った、使える英会話 9月の一ヶ月間にまとめた

Sep. 6 ~30 2011

QT: It was very busy today ... but I'll BE running.
It might makes me refreshed.
添削 It was ⇒ I was, It ...makes ⇒ make (助動詞+原形)

QT: I DID THE grocery shopping.
When I was waiting in a line at casher, I realized I didn't bring my purse w/me.
添削:in a line⇒in line, at casher⇒the cashier

QT: It's very autumnal weather.
I'm so lucky 2 HAVE my day off ON such a nice day. Have a lovely day!
添削:autumnal ⇒ fall-like weather,

RT "A year from now you may wish you had started today." -

QT: I went ... a shop named "GROM" with my coworker on my way back home.
Sweets is an energy for me.
添削:is⇒are the source of my energy「エネルギーの元」

QT: I have to go to work. But this week, I feel depress
and I DON'T WANT to go to work.
添削:feel depress⇒ feel depressed (知覚動詞+過去分詞の形容詞)

QT: It's getting chilly in the morning and AT night these days,
but it's still hot DURING the day. 「朝夕は、肌寒くなってきたが、日中はまだ暑い」

QT: I cooked Chinese fried rice for supper. 「チャーハンを作った」
I think it's a good way to DISPOSE unnecessary STUFF inside the FRIDGE.
添削:cooked ⇒ made  

QT: It's still hot in Osaka. I wish it will be cool tomorrow in Kawasaki.
訂正: wish: 不可能な願望 ⇒ hope:可能な願望。 PG30●

How are you doing with your science project? 
便利な類似表現⇒ 「最近、日本語の勉強は進んでいる?」
How's your Japanese coming along?


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